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The Rule of St. Benedict and Beowulf books Essay

The Rule of St. Benedict and Beowulf books - Essay Example The Rule of St. Benedict was composed when the world was attacked by extraordinary political and monetary change achieved by fighting. It was during this time there was gigantic disarray and difficulty and there was no incorporated network at all. Indeed, even the priests and loners spent their lives in small cells, hovels or caverns with purposeful hard thoroughness. The majority of them lived on bread-coverings, enjoyed self-beating for a considerable length of time together. Holy person Benedict comprehended that such living was not beneficial for network living and in this way changed the current guidelines to improve life much. The most significant thing he did was to allot explicit time for various exercises. He isolated the Pg. multi day by saving time for work, supplication, study, unwinding and rest separately. This game plan was somewhat inventive and all around acknowledged all around since it made life a lot simpler to lead even while making a decent network climate by ac hieving request in their every day lives. A perfect ruler consistently needs the best for his subjects and considering the magnum opus he offered his subjects, there is no uncertainty that St. Benedict could be called a perfect ruler since he had the benefit of his kin on a basic level. As a decent ruler he was liable for realizing harmony and congruity through network life by discharging his kin from the subjugation of difficulty and bedlam. Despite the fact that Benedict was a priest himself, he was not an unbending disciplinarian who punished his subjects. Truth be told, in his book he expresses that these guidelines were ‘nothing unforgiving, nothing burdensome.’ (St. Benedict ( 1998) On the other hand, he was a concerned pioneer who needed to achieve request and harmony in his condition. Benedict’s rule is a fundamental and significant manual for us in this contemporary society since it shapes the premise of request and structure in our day by day lives. Ben edict’s vision of request was planned for bringing individuals a lot nearer to God. As indicated by Benedict, all people are equivalent before God and in this way correspondence inside a network establishes the framework for otherworldliness and attracting individuals closer to the Divine. Benedict’s rules have incredible importance and Pg. 3 significance in today’s society as it keeps on helping us keep up request and control in our lives. Beowulf is in sharp differentiation to ‘The Rule of St. Benedict’ on the grounds that it is an account that includes both truth and fiction. It is a blend of pictures of individuals and animals who are less human and involves both satire and disaster. Written in the early piece of the tenth century A.D. Beowulf is probably the most established epic in British writing that has figured out how to endure. By and by a house wood British library in London, Beowulf depicts the intriguing undertakings of a notable Scand inavian warrior having a place with the sixth century. While ‘The Rule of St. Benedict’ depends on genuine proof of genuine individuals inside a genuine domain, ‘Beowulf’ depends on actuality just as fiction to communicate the musings and thoughts of its creator. All through the account, the creator discusses the relatives of every warrior, the victories they battled and the way wherein they lost their lives, yet continually keeps closeness with the Divine and communicating that God is ever present and is a comfort and manual for humanity. One such warrior was Shield who however was a vagrant, shut down numerous adversaries and dealt with his kin like a decent ruler. This thought of a decent lord is

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KKK1 essays

KKK1 papers The Ku Klux Klan, or KKK as known today, was begun in the spring of 1866. Six Confederate veterans framed a social club in Pulaski, Tennessee. This KKK just endured a short six years, yet left strategies and ceremonies that later began in ages. (Ingalls, 9) The Klan was a little gathering particularly in mystery from the start. The specific date of the start is obscure. Regardless of the entirety of the mystery the six KKK individuals started new individuals to join their social club. (Ingalls, 9) A year after the making of the KKK, the onetime social club joined the raising effort against the Republican Reconstruction. The new heading of the Klan was very much arranged and sorted out. The Klan was presently prepared to grow to a greater gathering. The Klan received a prescript. This was an authoritative structure allowing the Klan to spread over the south. New individuals must be more than 18, pay $1, vowed to mystery, initiates swore to secure the frail, the guiltless, and the exposed, from the insults, wrongs, and shock of the uncivilized, the rough, and the severe. The exceptionally unified arrangement for growing the KKK, spread so quickly that most parts worked alone. The authors of the KKK lost control, and it got difficult to discuss a solitary KKK. However Klan exercises despite everything followed a typical example all through the south. (Ingalls 11-12) The Klan presently began to spread across Tennessee. From the outset the Klan utilized stunts to keep blacks in their place. From the start, the Klan would ride around on ponies, and with their white robes, and white pointed covers, attempt to terrify blacks. They would attempt to act like apparition with their white garbs. Sadly, the Klan immediately moved to progressively savage tricks. (Ingalls, 12) The Klan would now smother blacks. The Klan chiefs demonstrated incapable to control their devotees. Despite the fact that the brutality was regularly arbitrary, there was a strategy in the frenzy. The casualties were quite often dark or if white, related with the scorn of ... <!

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Gender Essay Essay

During this paper I will survey the view that over the ongoing years the jobs of the two people have changed influencing society and most of family units. In 1957 Elizabeth Bott as one of the principal sociologists to concentrate how the difference in relaxation, business and way of life influenced the jobs of married couples. She called these marital jobs and asserted that there were two primary sorts, isolated and joint. Isolated jobs comprised of the parting of the local errands, where the men dealt with the DIY assignments they conveyed the instrumental job. Women’s assignments comprised of the cleaning, the cooking and so on they conveyed the expressive job. Joint jobs implied the residential work inside a family as disseminated uniformly. Willmott and Young contemplated the even family offering an elective point of view on marital jobs, guaranteeing they had gotten progressively comparative. It gave the idea that division of work dependent on sex was separating. Albeit, many supported this thought their work was tested by women's activist sociologists, for example, Ann Oakley. She gave some supreme research which excused the perspective on the sharing caring spouse. Oakley put together her examination with respect to interviews wherein she had led on 40 wedded ladies with at least 1 dependant youngsters. It demonstrated that ladies considered housework to be childcare as their prime obligation and got little assistance from their spouses. Though Willmott and Young had guaranteed that 72% of men ‘help in the house’, this figure demonstrates that spouses just needed to perform one family unit task seven days. Oakley expressed this is not really persuading proof regarding male taming and ladies worried about a double concern, they go to work return home a follow out the residential work. Anyway this proof is 30 years outdated, yet it shows that the jobs of people are bit by bit moving towards equity and the even family yet are as yet far from it. Fiona Devine led a little scope investigation of vehicle worker’s families in Luton demonstrating that men’s commitment to household work expanded when their spouses reemerged paid business. Be that as it may, the man’s job is as yet optional; all ladies stay liable for childcare and housework where their husband’s simply help them. This proof plainly shows an unadulterated proposal of division of work in most family unit assignments, in spite of the fact that the balance and change demonstrates the undertakings are getting joint because of ladies working. To help show this pattern another bit of research came into center by Jonathon Gershuny, in which he dissected information from 1974-1987. It indicated a slow increment in the measure of household undertakings preformed by men, and this expansion is most noteworthy when ladies are in full-time paid work. Spouses whose wives worked invested twofold the measure of energy cooking and cleaning. Gershuny presumes that ladies despite everything bear the principle weight of residential work, and there is a procedure of slacked adjustment. He figures it might take up an age or more until men get up to speed and make an equivalent commitment.

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Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights Essay - 1925 Words

Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights (Essay Sample) Content: Students NameProfessors NameCourseDateEnglish LiteratureSection A: Emily Bronte, Wuthering HeightsConsideration of the Ways in Which the Conflict between Nature and Culture (Civilisation) is represented in Wuthering Heights For the purposes of making her point clear, the social classes were put in opposing forces to each other by Bronte (Winnifrith, 4). In this scenario, she used the same tool of putting forward her notions regarding nature and culture as being lifes parts. In the preamble of Wuthering Heights it is read that; the life of Bronte as the curates daughter, had offered her experiences from a depressed childhood being brought up by her very harsh aunt, which might be the reason for her poignant natures descriptions. Thus, the novel is seen as a representation of two phenomena, civilization and nature, where both sides of negative and positive criticisms are given by the author. A conflict therefore exists between the two families. In this case, The Lintons family embody culture and civilization whereas; The Earnshaws represent nature (Bronte 12). Catherine is the representative member of the Earnshaw family. Actually, Catherine is gorgeous and lovely though not civilized like she feigns being. Within her heart, she is ever a natural girl playing on the moors together with Heathcliff (Bronte, 12). She regards being loved by all as her right, and she possesses a boisterous temper. Heathcliff normally used to call her Cathy. Interestingly, Edgar normally used to call her Catherine. Heathcliff turns to be an exceptional Earnshaw family member. His descent was unfamiliar and he appears to embody the wild and natural forces that often appear dangerous and amoral for the society (Winnifrith, 6). He has an inhuman devotion that according to Catherine tends to be his lifes moving force. He is also merciless, but wonderful in his reliability. In the first chapter, nature gets represented when Lockwood gets stopped by the snow from returning home after visiting his landlord. Despite the fact that the persons at the Wuthering Heights were very mean as well as short within their tone to him, they did not want him to go due to the uncultivated moor and the dangers associated with trekking through it during the night (Bronte, 14). Nature appears to be something straightforward and pure. It makes zero difference between poor and rich; everyone can be overwhelmed by its force thus, it is imperative considering its mood. Though the wind and snow endangers the society, Lockwood names it to be undoubtedly a stunning nation and very unaffected by the society (Winnifrith, 8). The moors tend to be very near to Brontes heart thus, explaining them to be dangerous while simultaneously depicting them with adoration. They are the place where Heathcliff and Catherine find liberty, and where constant blowing of wind occurs. As such, when Catherine undergoes her saddest times, she dearly misses her old residence on the moors together wi th her private room, where she used to breathe wind that used to come from wild extensive open spaces (Winnifrith, 8). On the other hand, culture and civilization in the novel is represented by The Thrushcross Grange and Lintons and their home. In this case, impulsiveness and passion does not fill their actions. They reside in their universe of etiquette and politeness and are troubled by people who never play their game (Bronte, 16). This becomes apparent in the novels beginning the time the family meets Heathcliff for their first moment. Heathcliff never looked the way a gentleman should be, and instead portrayed the signs of being a lower class in relation to the prevailing standards of that time. He spoke for a lengthy moment where his language was absolutely different from the all the other narrators. As such, he was more communicative and poignant than the others, and his utterances more literary in comparison to Ellens and much better than that of Lockwood. He appears to tal k in tremendous and pulsating terms when expressing his disdain for whiny gentility and cowardice of Edgar Linton. He points out that he would never exchange his condition for 5000 lives for Edgars at Thrushcross Grange, even if he possessed the opportunity of dispossessing Joseph the highest gable, and colouring the house front with the blood of Hidley (Bronte 17). Mr Linton, on the other hand, points out that he heard that Wuthering Heights children were reared in total heathenism and he thought that the brother of Catherine, Hindley, was very sloppy in taking care of a younger sister. Mrs. Linton got terrified by thinking that the girl was going along with gipsy on the grassland (Bronte, 17). In this case, gipsies were regarded as persons who were near to being animals as well as who were incapable of acting properly. They were also seen as nearer to nature as well as intruders in the gentlemens civilization. Amusingly, scholars believed that the intelligence of a man would be s potted in his chins shape or in his skin. That incidence displays how prejudices regarding poverty and differences reigned peoples lives within social classes that were higher, and the result which that type of thinking possessed on the people who were working together with persons having a darker skin vis-Ã  -vis a native Englishman. The novel represents a civilisation that criticizes and is cold, within which skills of a man in maintaining his face within varied situations tends to be of huge significance for his future state within social life. On the other side, culture and civilisation is represented by the picture of the duo civilized children in the attractive room, together with the two wild kids outside, both girl and boy of same ages who carries the task of a type of a mirror (Winnifrith, 11). In this case, the mirror displays the opposite instead of the real images of the people who glimpse it.Section B: Analysis of W.B. Yeats Poetry W.B. Yeats Easter, 1916 has a theme of relationship between art and politics. Yeats initial poems stanza portrays proof of devotion with Modernist instead of idyllic Ireland (Yeats, 32). In the first line of the first stanza, I have met them... come from a background of desks and counters and buildings to a dusk of urban enjoyment: the restaurants where repartee and gossip are exchanged by people, where motley stand for both the attire of the court fools and the entertaining distractions of the town (Yeats, 32). The change from normal citizen to innovatory is labelled by the refrain which reverberates throughout the poem: All changed, changed utterly (Yeats, 32). The change in this case tends to be the Easter rising or more precisely the 1916 Easter Rebellion of approximately 1000 Republicans of Ireland desired to pull out of Great Britain and set up a sovereign Ireland. The revolt was toppled not more than a week and its several leaders were rapidly killed by the firing troop. Though the original revolt never enj oyed extensive prop up among the whole population, the British response being mercilessness, demoralized the Irish a situation that contributed to the uprising of the ultranationalist group referred as group Sinn Fein. The Easter Rising became a dual entendre on that holiday. The dreadful beauty was given birth at that Holy Week that labels the event of Sacrifice of Christ. Therefore, the Easter Rising turns to be at the same time crucifixion as well as resurrection, archetype and reality. Stanza two elegizes the uprisings that Yeats thoroughly was aware of. That woman is the autonomist politician Constance Markievicz Gore-Booth; this man turns to be the poet Pearse Patrick the leaders uprising, his friend and helper turns to be poet MacDonagh Thomas, MacBride John was the drunken conceited lout (Yeats, 33). They were not portrayed heroically: Yeats reprimanded Markievicz for her harshness and explained MacBride as repugnant; both poets, he noticed, might have benefited more by rema ining writers and educators. But in stanza 1, Yeats unwillingly realised that each absconded his part of daily life (Yeats, 33). The autonomy to pursue individual happiness and liberty- informal comedy of the contemporary town, within which someone pursue leisure and love unobstructed by political disaster got rejected to encourage happiness and collective liberty. At that juncture, Yeats changed into the mythologizing stanza three, comparing the revolutionarie...

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Nature of Aggression Essay - 1876 Words

Nature of Aggression Aggression is the quintessential basis for all sociopathic behavior, and a primary concern in the fields of behavioral, developmental, social, and clinical psychology, and is covered to some extent in nearly every other field of psychology. Yet aggression is also necessary for human beings as a way to protect ones individuality, to enhance ones social standing, and often to protect oneself from bodily harm#8212;all purposes very important to the maintenance of ones mental health also. It is therefore a complex phenomenon and, depending on the context, the term aggression can be made to carry positive or negative connotations. It can manifest itself in the form of a behavior that may be self-protective and†¦show more content†¦Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, would have described aggression in terms of the Ego, Super-Ego, and the Id, the three structures of human personality which must invariably clash in order to produce resultant human behaviors. Freudian aggression can also be described through the Pleasure Principle, and the constructs of the Libido (the drive for pleasure) and of Thanatos (the death drive). Jung, the originator of the most prominent variation of Freudian psychodynamics, would have explained aggression through his analytical psychology which comprises the constructs of the Psyche: Consciousness, the Personal Unconscious, the Collective Unconscious, and all of their respective sub-structures. These are the theories by which aggression will be effectively illustrated and explained herein. A Freudian Approach to Aggression The Roles of the Ego, Super-Ego, and Id in Aggression According to Freud, the id is the base of all animalistic instincts, the one thing that humans share in common with their animal brethren. The structures that separate humans from wild animals are those of the Ego and the Super-Ego, which collectively serve to protect man from his own violent nature and thus render him civilized. The Super-Egos role in the psyche is virtually non-descript, containing morals and values applied to everyday life, and thereby serving the role of the human conscience. The Ego and Id are effectively the sub-conscious portion of theShow MoreRelatedAggression Is It ‘Nature’ or ‘Nurture’2434 Words   |  10 PagesAggression is it ‘Nature’ or ‘Nurture’ During our lifetime every one of us feels anger and aggression occasionally, some more than others, maybe as a child in the play ground or later as an adult when somebody cuts you up when you are driving along. But what causes anger and aggression and why do we all suffer from it? Well there are lots of different theories to what causes aggression and where aggressive behaviour comes from. So throughout this essay I will examine the different concepts and theoriesRead More The Nature of Aggression (or is it Nurture?) Essay1462 Words   |  6 PagesThe Nature of Aggression (or is it Nurture?) Every night on the news there are reports about murders, wars, and rapes. But the news isnt the only place where people encounter violent or aggressive behavior. Driving home from work, people get cut off and cussed at on a daily basis. At school, children fight over who will be the first in the lunch line. On the street, people get pushed out of the way if they are not walking fast enough. The list could go on and on and on. The point is that humansRead MoreAggression Is Part Of Our Nature1643 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Aggression is part of our nature. It is hard to deny that each one of us, at certain point in our lives, have felt an irrational anger that resulted in an aggressive behavior. This behavior, as it the case with any other action, tends to carry consequences. Aggressive behavior can be seen to have its roots in the hunter and gathering process when a distinction had to happen amongst the members of a community. Women had to stay home, take care of the offspring and became gatherers. On theRead MoreEvolution Of Human Aggression ( The Nature Of Things )1869 Words   |  8 PagesAfter viewing Origins of Human Aggression (The Nature of Things), I learned a lot about origins of human aggression. In the first part of the video, it focused on 2 year old children and how aggression is derived. The video states a study shows that signs of aggression start within the first couple months of a newborn’s life (Maher, Origins of Human Aggression (The Nature of Things). This study within the video I believe is accurate. I was told by my parents that as I grew I began to be more aggressiveRead MoreNature Vs. Nurture : Nature Versus Nurture1337 Words   |  6 PagesNature vs. Nurture There are many different ways that behavior can be explained, especially on the terms of nature vs. nurture. Aggression is a behavior that has been extensively analyzed in a complex manner and the causes of it can be explained many different ways. Aggression can be defined as hostile or destructive behavior that can cause injury or destructive outlook especially when caused by frustration. Nature can be defined as aspects of behavior that have been inherited or are genetic, whileRead MorePosition Paper: Aggression847 Words   |  4 PagesPhysical assault and aggression is the second leading cause of death among 14 to 17 year olds, next to vehicular accidents (Loeber). But why are humans so aggressive in the first place? There are two sides of the debate: Nature, and Nurture. Some say that it’s human nature, genetics that cause most behaviors, while others say that we act as we learned during childhood. This argument applies to aggression as well. Aggression is mainly caused by things during childhood and adolescence where peopleRead MoreEssay on Nature vs Nurture: Genetics vs Environment1617 Words   |  7 Pagesresearch about. The nature vs. nurture topic has been a continuing debate for many aspects of human behavior, including aggression/violent behavior and criminal behavior. There have been many studies indicating that chemical relationships between hormones and the frontal lobe of the brain may play a key role in determining aggressive behavior as well as genetics, while other studies have explored environmental and social factors that have been said to control patterns in human aggression. Aggressive/violentRead MorePsychology, Nature Vs. Nurture971 Words   |  4 Pagessuch. In the school settings, kids get bullied on the playground or even in the classroom. All of these are forms of aggression, but does anyone stop and think why we are that way? The answer is found in the classic debate in Psychology, Nature vs. Nurture. Aggression is caused by learned behavior, not through genetics. There are two sides of this debate, Nature and Nurture. Nature refers to something that you’re born with and are not able to change. People that follow this are called Nativists.Read MoreFor My Research Paper, I Have Decided To Explore The Human873 Words   |  4 Pagesdecided to explore the human behavior of aggression. Webster defines aggression as a forceful action or procedure especially when intended to dominate or master. This paper will cover aggression in children, adults, causes and effects of aggression, aggression in relationships and violence. Aggression comes in many different forms and should all be treated and recognized before developing into something bigger. There are many different types of aggression including accidental, expressive, hostileRead MoreAre Humans by Nature Aggressive? Essays1481 Words   |  6 Pagesearly twentieth century, aggression is the primary concern of the XXI century. Aggression has been studied a lot especially in terms of social significance. Most contradictory discussions about human aggression were focused on the innate-acquired main report. Some theories emphasize that aggression is fixed within our genetic code, while others sustain that factors such as education, environment, life experiences leave a mark on our behaviour, sometimes leading to aggression. Anderson and Bushman

Usefulness of Learning Experience for Telstra-myassignmenthelp

Question: Write about theUsefulness of Learning Experience for Telstra. Answer: Introduction The business outsourcing has been evolving with the changing transformations. It includes the different functions of the business like the accounting, human resource and the payroll. The processes are based on how the organisations are likely to contract with the non-core functions. Usefulness of learning experience The research is based on the identification of the advantages and the disadvantages of the outsourcing in Telstra. The focus has been on the business processes where the business functions are related to the manufacturing, telecommunication and the other accounting organisations. Opinion about learning experience As per the opinion standards set, there are different integral standards for planning the security and working over the improvement in the product quality. Along with this, the outsourcing has been found to be important for obtaining the goods or the services by contract from the other suppliers. This will help in improving the contacts with the other suppliers as well. (Letica, 2016). Value of this experience The value is based on managing the different services with the ability to protect and work over the changes that occurred in the project. The BPO relationship is mainly about handling the information with the outsourcing of the companies. This could lead to the security risks as well for the different parent companies. (Gonzalez et al., 2015). Hence, for this, there is a need to focus on the synchronisation of the deliverables and then working over handling the quality of the products and services. The experience also comes from the evaluation of the business processes which are based on the business requirements (Schoner et al., 2017). Significance of learning process to you Outsourcing has become very important in every organisation. With the different programs, when I went deeper into the subject, I realized that there are different consistent encounters which are technical based concepts mainly to communicate with the people. Along with this, I will be able to communicate with different people on the different concepts like business, industry etc., confidently. The life of the people need to be familiar with the concepts related to the different compelling subjects (Oshri et al., 2015). Application of gained knowledge in future To work towards the improved technology, the outsourcing has been able to work over the different functions and the planning. The system includes the government, technology and the usage of the overall data which is based on the different issues. It is important to access and hold the proper documentation to avoid any of the legal confusions or the complications. The outsourcing in the organisation is mainly to evaluate the business processes and then work over assuring the best requirements for the business as well (Lee, 2017). Learning process and explanation of learning process The focus is on evaluating the business functions which are important to handle the overall impact of the outsourcing business functions, where the learning process also works over the different manufacturing units. The hiring of the workers from the third party organisations has made it possible to take all the extra information where there is a possibility to purchase new ideas from the workers at a lower price. (Tajari et al., 2014). Plan to apply the learning process The outsourcing could be applied for the proper investments where there is a focus on the investment in the technology and then work over the rate of production as well. It has been seen that the companies work on providing the proper customer care ability inorder to eliminate any of the high amount of investments for the infrastructure setup. Business Research for the Learning Process The process of the business is related to the business planning and working over the marketing research (Wanyama, 2016). This is set with the latest trends that includes the fast-changing consumer market. There are certain large-scale companies that can set with the different third-party business firms to provide the valuable information from the external market environment. The information is important for the company to work over the different marketing plans and the brand value. It is important to focus on the globalisation with the different aspects of the business organisation to work with the clients. Learning Process I have also learned about the disadvantages where the huge expenditures due to outsourcing leads to complications in the organisation. The forms are set with holding the business and other legal complications. It is important to focus on the share process to get all the maximum possible benefits from the different activities. The external agents are set with the data risks that are exposed to the public domain. The risks for the third party organisations is related with the data misuse and the compromising of the business implementation process (Gasparenien?, 2016). Activities performed It is important to focus on the different parts of the implementation where the issues are set to take hold of operational activities that are for the third party organisation. The workers are working under the control of the outsourcing vendors with the fulfilment of the business plans as well. There are certain cultural conflicts which needs to be handled with proper working performance capability. Applied plan for the learning The activities are evaluated depending upon the organisational costs and how the organisation is equipped with the different special experts as well as the technical equipment. How learning will apply in future? The organisation can also get the delivery of the projects in a time mainly from the different outsourced organisations. The focus is also on working over how the outsourcing is processed and then worked with the inter-networked information system. Conclusion The research is based on reducing the workloads of the employees with facilitating the incorporation of the expert knowledge in the business process with increased performance of the business. The assessment of the outsourcing is mainly through the managerial control. References Gasparenien?, L. and Remeikien?, R., 2016. EVALUATION OF OUTSOURCING RELATIONSHIP IN ELECTRICITY SUPPLY SECTOR: LITHUANIAN CASE.Journal of Management, (1), p.28. Gonzalez, R., Gasco, J.L. and Llopis, J., 2015. Information systems outsourcing satisfaction: some explanatory factors.Industrial Management Data Systems,115(6), pp.1067-1085. Lee, J., 2017. Strategic risk analysis for information technology outsourcing in hospitals.Information Management. Letica, M., 2016. The effect of outsourcing activities selection on the benefits of outsourcing.Management: journal of contemporary management issues,21(2), pp.77-97. Oshri, I., Kotlarsky, J. and Willcocks, L.P., 2015.The Handbook of Global Outsourcing and Offshoring 3rd Edition. Springer. Schner, C.R., Schner, M.G., Grafe, T.U., Clarke, C.M., Dombrowski, L., Tan, M.C. and Kerth, G., 2017. Ecological outsourcing: a pitcher plant benefits from transferring pre?digestion of prey to a bat mutualist.Journal of Ecology,105(2), pp.400-411. Tajari, J., Valmohammadi, C. and Mohammadi, M., 2014. Identification and Prioritization of Outsourcing Risks of Information Technology Projects (Case Study: Iran Technical and Vocational University). Wanyama, J., 2016. Business process outsourcing (BPO) strategy. A conceptual approach.