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Developmental Apraxia Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments Essay

Apraxia of speech is a neurological condition in which a person finds it impossible to move their mouth or tongue to speak (Apraxia, 2005). There are two main types of apraxia; they are acquired apraxia of speech and developmental apraxia of speech (Apraxia of Speech, 2002). This paper is about Developmental Apraxia of Speech, its symptoms, causes, and appropriate treatments. Developmental apraxia of speech is also called childhood apraxia of speech, because it is present from birth (2002). There are many symptoms of developmental apraxia, and each child may have different symptoms (Childhood, 1997). Some symptoms of very young children include problems eating, not cooing as an infant, late first words, problems combining sounds, and deleting difficult sounds and replacing them with easier ones more often than normal children (1997). In older children, symptoms can include making inconsistent sound errors, understanding of language better than their ability to talk, difficulty imitating speech, difficulty saying long phrases or words clearly, difficulty for others to understand their speech, and speech which sounds choppy or monotonous (1997). Other symptoms may include delayed language development, word order confusion, word recall issues, difficult fine motor development and coordination, over sensitivity or under sensitivity of the mouth, and trouble reading, writing, and spelling (1997). Because there are so many possible symptoms of developmental apraxia, it is important to have children evaluated by a professional to rule out other causes of speech problems (1997). Developmental apraxia is believed by many researchers to be a neurologically based speech-motor disorder, but exact causes have not been isolated (Causes of Apraxia, 2010). Researcher’s studies have not shown a difference or abnormalities in the brains of children with developmental apraxia (2002). Children with developmental apraxia often have family members with learning disabilities or communication disorders (2002). Researchers continue to conduct studies to find any brain abnormalities and genetic factors which may cause developmental apraxia (2005). Speech language therapy is used for treating developmental apraxia. Intensive intervention which begins early is best for children with this disorder (Lederman, 2012). In the beginning, children should have treatment 3-5 times per week (1997). Children diagnosed with developmental apraxia show improvement more quickly when they receive treatment individually (1997). Speech language therapy for children with developmental apraxia differs from the therapy of children with other language disorders (2012). Treatment is based on the principles of motor learning, including repetition to establish and develop motor plans, practice opportunities to maintain learned patterns, use of relevant words and phrases, increased sensory feedback, and work on sound and word sequences (2012). There are still many things to learn about developmental apraxia, and studies regarding causes and treatments are still ongoing (2002). There is also research being done to find more specific criteria to identify and diagnose developmental apraxia and to distinguish it from other communication disorders (2002). References American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Childhood Apraxia of Speech (1997). Lederman, D. (2012). Speech Language Therapy for Childhood Apraxia of Speech. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Apraxia of Speech (2002). University of Rochester Medical Center. Causes of Apraxia (2010). www.urmc.rochester. edu/speech-pathology/speech-language-disorders/apraxia/causes-apraxia.cfm Web MD. Apraxia: Symptoms, Causes, Tests, Treatments (2005). Brain/apraxia-symptoms-causes-tests-treatments

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An Article About A 69 Year Old Immigrant Man From Iran

The article I chose is about a 69-year-old immigrant man from Iran, named Farhad Tabrizi. Mr. Tabrizi went to the Emergency Room because he was coughing up blood, had severe chest pain along with various other symptoms. After the ER admitted him and continue to conduct various tests to determine the problem, hospital staff worked on gathering Mr.Tabrizi’s medical history. This proved difficult to do because he didn’t speak any English only fluent Farsi. His son who accompanied him spoke reasonably fluent English and Farsi so the medical staff tried to get as much medical history out of the son when he was around, but his visits were often unpredictable and Mr. Tabrizi seemed to get uncomfortable giving out information about his family and their medical backgrounds. He also refused to eat any of the food the hospital provided to him. His son explained that he feared the food may have hidden pork bi-products and decided it was safer to just not eat the food. The medical staff told Mr. Tabriazi son that they spoke to the chief and made sure his food was prepared without any pork by-products and that they respected his religious beliefs and would make certain it was prepared in a way that he wished. Even with that said, Mr Tabrizi’s wife continued to bring in food from outside the hospital on her visits for him to eat. After three days of staying at the hospital, the results from the tests come back. The doctor sits down with Mr. Tabrizi, his son, and his wife. The doctor asksShow MoreRelatedImmigrants Desperately Running Away from Conflict or Oppression3283 Words   |  14 PagesIntroduction After the United States’ withdrawal from Viet Nam War and the fall of the Saigon to Communist in April, 1975, millions of people fled the country, for their lives and freedom. Many of them immigrated to the U.S. in two different waves. The first wave started in 1975, comprising people who associated with the Americans. The second wave included people who wanted to escape the Communist government’s control. The factors that pushed these two waves of immigration out of Viet Nam, andRead MoreAmerican History Eoc Study Guide5327 Words   |  22 Pagesboom in Chicago. Armor was the first to can meat and Swift invented the refrigerated boxcar. 7) New Immigrants vs. Old Immigrants: New immigrants came from South and East Europe countries like Italy and Greece. They did not speak English and were Catholics, Jews, and Orthodoxies. Old immigrants came from North and West European countries like England and Ireland a while before the New Immigrants came. They were white, English speaking Protestants. 8) Child Labor Laws: These laws were a ProgressiveRead MoreMahfuz7742 Words   |  31 PagesSPOTLIGHT ON HBR AT 90 Spotlight About the Spotlight Artist Each month we illustrate our Spotlight package with a series of works from an accomplished artist. We hope that the lively and cerebral creations of these photographers, painters, and installation artists will infuse our pages with additional energy and intelligence to amplify what are often complex and abstract concepts. This month we showcase the â€Å"rayographs† of Man Ray, the modernist giant. Born in PhiladelphiaRead MoreGlobalization and It Effects on Cultural Integration: the Case of the Czech Republic.27217 Words   |  109 Pageseconomic and socio-cultural ideologies, man has always and continuously pondered over the aspects of his nature. Unity, equality, trade and commerce are at the forefront of mans complexities. With these thoughts in mind, man has moved through history trying to satisfy his desires in relation to others. The advent of the twenty-first century gave birth to the idea of making the world a single village, thus, globalization. Globalization is the most talk-about issues in the 21st century. However, thereRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesTucker 315 About the Contributors †¢ 343 _ IN TR OD UC TIO N Michael Adas B y any of the customary measures we deploy to demarcate historical epochs, the twentieth century does not appear to be a very coherent unit. The beginnings and ends of what we choose to call centuries are almost invariably years of little significance. But there is little agreement over when the twentieth century c.e. arrived, and there were several points both before the year 2000 (the collapseRead MoreCoco Cola18335 Words   |  74 PagesCriticism of Coca-Cola  has arisen from various groups, concerning a variety of issues, including health effects, environmental issues, and business practices.  The Coca-Cola Company, its subsidiaries and products have been subject to sustained criticism by both consumer groups and watchdogs, particularly since the early 2000s. Allegations against the company are varied, including * possible health effects of Coca-Cola products, * a poor  environmental  record, * perception of the companiesRead More7 Megatrends 203026297 Words   |  106 PagesCONSULTANTS TREND COMPENDIUM 2030 START INDEX TRENDS CONTACT This document is optimized for color prints 1 About the TREND COMPENDIUM 2030 WHAT IS IT? The   TREND   COMPENDIUM   2030   is   a    global   trend   study   compiled   by   Roland    Berger   Strategy   Consultants It   describes   seven   megatrends   that   will    shape   the   world   over   the   next   20   years All   trends   have   a   broad   impact   on   how    we   do   business    Therefore,   Roland    Berger   experts   have   identifiedRead MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 PagesPioneer in International Management Education iii This page intentionally left blank Preface C hanges in the global business environment continue unabated. The global financial crisis and economic recession have challenged some assumptions about globalization and economic integration, but they have also underscored the interconnected nature of global economies. Most countries and regions around the world are inextricably linked, yet profound differences in institutional and cultural environmentsRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 PagesMBA−10 General Management California College for Health Sciences MBA Program McGraw-Hill/Irwin abc McGraw−Hill Primis ISBN: 0−390−58539−4 Text: Effective Behavior in Organizations, Seventh Edition Cohen Harvard Business Review Finance Articles The Power of Management Capital Feigenbaum−Feigenbaum International Management, Sixth Edition Hodgetts−Luthans−Doh Contemporary Management, Fourth Edition Jones−George Driving Shareholder Value Morin−Jarrell Leadership, Fifth Edition Hughes−Ginnett−CurphyRead More65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays 2nd Edition 147256 Words   |  190 PagesRosita Najmi Faye Iosotaluno Anonymous Rohan Nirody v 37 40 43 46 49 52 55 Contents III. Career aspirations Jason Kreuziger Anonymous James Reinhart Jemine Rewane Anonymous Apar Kothari Anonymous Anonymous Stephen Cravens Anne Morriss 63 66 69 72 75 78 81 84 87 90 iV. typical day Anonymous Jay Glaubach Lexie Hallen Benoit...Olivier Boureau Jason Bohle 97 99 101 104 106 V. three accomplishments Anonymous Anonymous Martin Brand Anonymous Anonymous Scott Griffin Daniel Lewis 113 117

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Chinese Presence Chinese Culture Abroad As Well As Those...

This section aims to explore the views of current presence Chinese culture abroad as well as those visual form examples how to successful operation and get a good response from overseas. 2. 2.1 Overseas Chinatown There are varieties methods in order to represent culture such as symbols, language, artifacts, style, behaviors are all embedded in cultural identity as is food, music, fashion and art. Chinatown is defined as a district of a large non-Chinese town or port in which the population is predominantly of Chinese origin (oxforddictionaries, 2014). As a concentrated expression of the Chinese culture in the district is the cognitive overseasï ¼Å' China Town could be an good example be analyzed. Chinatown in London â€Å"In popular†¦show more content†¦Tailors and cutting machine not shut until around 1974 in the region has more than 80 restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, souvenir shops, and other Chinese-run businesses, show some of London s most outstanding and most authentic Asian food (â€Å"Giles Goren review Empress of Sichuan† ï ¼Å' 2010). In addition, the Charing Cross Library with the Westminster Chinese Library is operated in the City of Westminsterï ¼Ë†Charing Cross Libraryï ¼Å'2009; Westminster Chinese Library, 2012ï ¼â€°. â€Å"The content of the destination is seen on the one hand as an agglomeration of attractions and services, and on the other as a dynamic agglomeration of attractions, culture, events, landscapes and services.† Wolfgang Framke The key subject here is China Town London. In London the visual communication could be directly reflected in its China Town, it could mostly contain abundant varieties of Chinese shops. The present Chinatown occupies the area in and around Gerrard Street, which is part of the City of Westminster. There is also a prejudice and hostility description of London Chinatown mostly from the writings by Thomas Burke and Arthur Henry Ward. They exaggerate described the true image of London Chinatown, saying it is the shadow of gambling, opium dens and â€Å"unholy things†. In fact, the life of the Chinese people is hard work in order to find the channel pier return voyage to the Far East (portcities,

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Is Writing Always Difficult - 994 Words

Is writing always difficult? How I should know, right now I can barely tell the difference between a comma splice and a run on sentence. Strengths, weaknesses, and source of help: These are all of the ways I plan on becoming a better writer. As it may seem I am not a writer of all weaknesses. I do have some strengths. My strengths as a writer a few, but I try my best with what I have. What went well in my reflection paper? I did a good job on my paper length and MLA formatting. I was able to set up a clear introduction to the paper and my conclusion was somewhat exquisite. My MLA formatting was Good I was able to give page numbers and a correct title, also a name, date, and instructor setup. My introduction was clear and I was able to state the purpose clearly. I kept the introduction to Less than 100 words. I stated a hook and transition sentence that where kind of captivating in a way but not in a sense that it was mind boggling. My thesis was clear and defined I was able to get the point of the paper across with one sentence. As for my conclusion was not quite the perfection but it did get the job done. For the conclusion of a reflection paper I was not quite sure how to wrap the paper up. I figured that since the paper was all about the past I should end it with some present knowledge. By stating how the situation was today I feel it would give the reader a sense of what simple factor could change a life. These strengths that I have, have the ability to beShow MoreRelatedThe Importance Of Writing In English1117 Words   |  5 Pageseveryone in my familys second language and because we did not grow up learning how to speak, read, and write in English which made it difficult for me when school started. Kindergartner year was one of the toughest time for me because I do not know to communicate with the staffs and teachers, and I also could not understand what they were asking me to do so I always end up crying in frustration. I was in a class called ELL (English Learning Language) to learn how to read, write, and speak EnglishRead MoreNotes On Writing And Writing990 Words   |  4 PagesFrom Reading To Writing †¨ Throughout my life, writing has been a positive influence. Writing was a coping mechanism and it truly helped to form the thoughts I wanted to say, although I was never able to verbalize them. Reading and writing were not pastimes until the sixth grade, when I learned that I had a hidden talent for writing journals. The teacher gave the class an assignment— to journal about what our perception of a typical day was. The writer within came out in the paper offered, and theRead MoreWriting Is A Difficult Process. Not Everyone Can Pick It1022 Words   |  5 PagesWriting is a difficult process. Not everyone can pick it up as easily as others do. There are steps in order to have a good piece of writing. Once that is accomplished, there are infinite possibilities to what writing can do. Writing is a magical medium that requires time and practice to master. Writing is extraordinary, it allows the author to express himself in ways they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. In â€Å"What Writing Is: from On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, author and novelist StephenRead MorePersonal Reflection Paper On English1015 Words   |  5 Pages Reflection Paper English has never been my strong suit. I always hated English simply, because I never concerned myself as a writer. I always stuck to the bare minimum and was pleased to know that I passed. I honestly never tried hard in English because I never felt good enough. I did not see myself as a confident writer and I am not sure I ever will. Since, being enrolled in English 201, it supplied some challenges that I was not ready for and felt unsuited for. Along the way, I learnRead MoreThe Internet Is The Main Source For Information And Education986 Words   |  4 Pagespeople. However, over time I finally learned the difference between â€Å"your† and â€Å"you’re†, and it was easy to just add an apostrophe to â€Å"they’re† instead of typing â€Å"they are†. I realized that the internet had a grip on my writing and I had to do something about it. This sort of writing that I came into contact with transitioned from â€Å"text talk†, which is a form of typing with no punctuation or capitalization, to the correct form of grammar and spelling. For quite some time, I used MySpace to voiceRead MoreImportance Of Writing Paper870 Words   |  4 Pages Writing papers have not always been my favorite thing to do. The main reason why I detested writing papers, was because I considered my English horrible. English is not my native language and learning it was difficult in my opinion. Especially, when as a child the only place where you could speak English was at school. Other than that, the only language I was allowed to speak at home was Spanish. Throughout the years I eventually got the hang of it, and at the beginning of fourth grade, I was placedRead MoreHow I Learned At High School968 Words   |  4 Pages Writing is something that I have always enjoyed, especially in high school. That being said, I knew that I would enjoy this writing course, and even more so, because this course is designed to talk about food. Obviously, I knew that the type of writing I did in high school would be completely different from the writing I now do in college. However, I was still blown away by how different everything was. My high school, being as strict as it was with both its discipline and academics, truly did everythingRead MoreMy Academic Performance Of High School871 Words   |  4 Pageshigh school always had its up and downs. I graduated with a 3.2 GPA, even though it is not the best, I still am very proud of it. My first year of high school, I was the teacher’s pet but unfortunately that lasted for a year. Once I found a new group of friends, it got me into making bad decisions, and that was when my grades started looking poorly, and my weaknesses started to surface. Describe your academic strengths and weaknesses as learner, particularly in relation to reading, writing, mathematicsRead MoreCritical Thinking Skill At Me My Professor948 Words   |  4 Pageswith different writing skills such as, understanding the process of writing, analyzing reading selection and applying basic critical thinking skill in an argumentative essay. I also struggled with the analysis of specific content in professional writing, identifying rhetorical strategies and synthesising concepts from references. Lucky for me my professor was very skilled and provided me with numerous activities and assignments that helped me improve my writing. Writing is not simply

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Behaviors Related to the Use of Urban Facilities at Le Van Tam Park Free Essays

Contentss Introduction: 1.Research inquiry 2.Hypothesis: 3. We will write a custom essay sample on Behaviors Related to the Use of Urban Facilities at Le Van Tam Park or any similar topic only for you Order Now Purpose: 4.Methodology: Literature reappraisal: Consequence: Discussion Outline: Behaviors related to the usage of urban installations at Le Van Tam park ( strength countries ) Introduction: Harmonizing WHO, physical inaction is a chief subscriber to decease and disablement from lifestyle-living diseases such as bosom disease, diabetes, high blood force per unit area worldwide. Promoting the degree of physical activities is one of the precedence undertakings. Making the built environment or installations in the park to promote the physical activity degree is more necessary in Ho qi minh metropolis due to there has been increasing in sedentary occupation and dependance on minibike. Recent surveies documented that the recreational installations give important parts to the physical activities degree by grownups [ 1 ] . Harmonizing to McKenzie [ 2 ] , community Parkss have possible scenes to advance the physical activities of people, irrespective to age, gender. Despite some type of Parks has been built to promote the physical activities degree near the abode in Ho qi minh metropolis such as Le Van Tam park, Gia Dinh park, †¦ However, no research on how features of thes e topographic points can impact PA degrees Vietnam in general, Ho Chi Minh in peculiar. Therefore, the intent of this survey to understand the relationship between built environments and physical activities degree. 1.Research inquiry Raise inquiries: + How are people able to entree the park in general, the strength country in peculiar? +Who are the users of strength country? + Do people socialise when they exercise? + How often are strength country used + What affect has built environments the usage of urban installations? + How does it impact the frequency of usage? , the effectual of usage, the satisfactory of the usage Aims:to understand effects the reinforced environments on the usage of urban installations: instance survey in Le Van Tam park. Specific aim: + to determine the consequence of reinforced environments on the usage of urban facilitie + to find the ways in which reinforced environments affect the physical activities Hypothesis: the improving of the reinforced environment, or diversion installations can better physical activities. Purpose: The intent of this survey to understand the relationship between built environments and physical activities degree. From this, whether this signifier of park can use more Parkss in Ho qi minh metropolis. 4.Methodology: The methodological analysis provides an apprehension of how the research was carried out and organized in order to obtain information that could be utile for understanding the relationship †¦.in Le Van Tam park. The methodogy is based in interview with strength country, questionnaire, and obsevations. The undermentioned portion will supply the chracteristics of the research carried out, explicate the study methods used to obtain information from users, depict how the information was collected and processed, detail how participants were selected and approached, and depict how the information obtained was analyszed. The research involves a survey of strength country in which observation and some note pickings was applied to acquire information from different place users. A entire 3 little interviews and 24 users to make questionnaire were conducted indiscriminately in study country at different hours of the twenty-four hours among different age-group users. In this survey, . The research procedure consisted several stairss: Measure 1: Observation and little interview Measure 2: Preparation for study Measure 3: Survey through questionnaire Measure 4: Photograph analysis Observation of users: The initial observation was carried out on Thursday, 13 November 2014, followed by a 2nd visit on Friday, 14 November 2014 to acquire information related to country. The user study was conducted on Sunday in the forenoon and in the afternoon, 15 November 2014 The activity audit was carried out after study on Sunday forenoon and afternoon, 23 November and on Monday forenoon, 24 November, from 6:45am to 8:00 am and 5:00 autopsy to 6h30 autopsy to number the figure of people take parting in the activity by gender. The sec The combination observation and study through questionnaire: The In field work, the fixed country was choosen through the observation in the first clip. Field-based observations were ab initio developed during the forenoon and afternoon hours in Thursday and Friday. Some important jobs that were observed in the survey country were the followers: + which country, installations people use the most + Observed physical qualities and measures + Gender and age + Social interaction + Security of the country + Counting the figure of people utilizing the recreational installations + The Questionnaire: The figure of particiapnts surveyed for this research was 25 users. Strength country users were approached while making their regular exercising. If they were exerting, permission was asked if interview could be conducted while making exercising, which they agreed. Peoples that were by and large sitting for resting besides asked. When attack, the academic intent of making questionnaire was explained: it was mentioned that the questionnaire were for assignments. Interview: Indicator, Variable: Index Variable Method Frequency of usage – How many times/week – How long day-to-day ( h/day ) – When – Questionnaire – Handiness – By agencies of transit – How long? ( minuites? Questionnaire Socialbility – The figure of people participate in activities – Group or entirely User’s penchants Sercurity Interview Observation Study population – Age ( old ages old – Gender ( male/female – Occupation Analysis: The information from questionnaire was entered in Excel and analyzed utilizing that plan Study restriction: Due to restrictions on clip, there were some mistakes in my informations aggregation Behaviors related to the usage of urban installations at Le Van Tam park Literature reappraisal: Count, Mapping, Photographing, Keeping a journal, Questionnaire What is known?i?what is unknown Public infinite is defined as â€Å"all countries that are unfastened and accessible to all member of the populace in a society, in rule though non needfully in practice† ( Orum and Neal 2010: p.1 ) . The other definition of PPS, 2000 that public infinite screen out-of-doorss environments, which by and large give alleviation from urban feverish life. Harmonizing to Josph Rowntree foundation in â€Å" The societal value of public space† , include high streets, streets markets, shopping preincts, community Centres, Parkss, resort areas, and vicinity infinites in residential country. Physical activities in general, making exercising in private The definition of physical activities harmonizing to WHO organisation Public infinite drama an important function in community life. ( why is of import? ) ( the part of public infinites to community These topographic points are topographic points for people gather to run into, hear, listen exchange information. Many research show that the parts of the public infinite to physical activity, that means ( In this portion, I will compose every thing about the public infinite I know, the intent of publice topographic point, why every organic structure, or urban interior decorator have to concern aboutu the public infinite design ) Public infinite is a topographic point that people can accessibly easy with low or no cost, or make infinite for everybody to hold a lacing to sit, to listen, to see, to hear, to interchange information. In my experience, I ever choose a topographic point where I can see the big vision, may be the intent of alone state of affairs will be varied, but have to some standards to satisft the human’s need ) ( what is characteristi c of good public infinite ) There are many benefits from public topographic point generaly, particularly Parkss: Social benefit + Creating stable vicinities with strong community. Park is an ideal environment / topographic points for everybody meet with others every bit good as encourage societal sustainability.All groups of society, irrespective to age, income, position, faith or cultural background, can participant in any activities which are offered in the park.In the park, everybody have in common somehow such as to cut down the emphasis, relax, or merely make exercising, †¦ Each person has alone intents when they go into the park, but really they want to fulfill their demand, their feeling ( what is human demand? ) People gather information though many sense such as visual perception, hearing, †¦ to roll up information, experience. In the park, one of the signifier of simple public infinite, by detecting or listening contact, people can hold theirself experience. Most of of import information can roll up information about people and the society around us. . In human’s basic demand, In th e park, people have more chances to run into each others, leads to the increasing face-to-face interaction, whichs is of import skills/ demand. Two sorts of societal contact: Passive and active. With inactive contact, with the status of the Parks, where many events are happening, single usage human sense of hear, sense of listen, sense of ticker, they can detect and garner information about people and society around us. With active contact, merely merely little negotiations or conversations, or more merely recognizing each others, they can oper more chances to run into the same subjects to discourse. img alt="" src=""/ Social capital, which is defined as the relationships among people that make productive activity more easy, may be related to wellness and physical activity. ( How can I understand this sentence ) ( what connexion between increasing societal benefit signifier park and societal capital ) Public wellness benefits: [ 3 ] + Physical activity makes people healthier + Access to park additions frequence of exercising. Strong cogent evidence shows that when people have entree to Parkss, they exercise more. In a survey published by the CDC, entree to topographic points for physical activity more easy led to a 25.6 per centum addition in the per centum of people exerting on three or more yearss per hebdomad. + Exposure to nature and verdure makes people healthier.From the survey in American, they found that contact with the natural universe improves physical and psychological wellness. Environment benefit + Reducing Pollution + Making the atmosphere cool Parks may be play important function in cut downing environment pollution. Air pollution is one of serious jobs has caused many lasting or temprorary disease such as coughing, concerns, lung, pharynx, and respiratory and malignant neoplastic disease.Tree in the park somehow can cut down the degree of air pollution by absorbing soiled hatj. Furthermore, important figure of trees in the park will convent the ambiance which be cleaner, ice chest. What is diversion installations What I will compose in literature reappraisal is that I have to happen out the instance survey has the same status in Ho qi minh park? The life status is the same? the park is in the cardinal metropolis Ho Chi Minh nowadays has emerging developed Consequence: img alt="" src="" cong vien Gia A?a »Ã¢â‚¬ ¹nh, 23/9, Le VA?n Tam, Tao A?an la 4 cong vien A‘a? §u tien ap da »?ng loai hinh nay. img alt="" src=""/ img alt="" src=""/ img alt="" src=""/ img alt="" src=""/ Discussion Observation determination: The first observation, I merely concentrate on what go oning in the strength country, I don’t do number the figure of people do to hold general information about survey country. The first observation during weekends, I recognized that among kids the frequence of park usage was higher during the weekends as compared with weekday. What I see when I observe 1.5 yearss, during 1 hours during in the forenoon and In the afternoon. The first observation, each forenoon at 7:00 am, I started numbering during 10 minuites, the consequence is that the figure of mal is more than female. But around 8:00 am, the figure of female is more than male. Possibly the figure of female from other activities happening in the park. Unfortunately, I observed one twenty-four hours with inclined limate, with somewhat raining, but surprisingly, the figure of people taking portion in the strength country is 19, including 3 female. The same with the consequences form â€Å" utilizing experimental methods to measure public unfastened spcaes and physical activity in brazi ; † . The figure of physically active persons vary significantly harmonizing to the periods of the twenty-four hours and the yearss of the weekend. Furthermore, Mc Kenzie et Al [ 4 ] have documented that work forces were more physically active than adult females. Mc Kenzie et Al found that the intent of utilizing park and the physical acitivty degrees vary following different clip Many research show that the important part of park installations to physical activities [ 5 ] How to cite Behaviors Related to the Use of Urban Facilities at Le Van Tam Park, Essay examples

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Housekeeping Training At The Pullman Hyde Park Sydney Hotel - Samples

Question: Discuss about the Housekeeping Training At The Pullman Hyde Park Sydney Hotel. Answer: Hospital management is themanagement of different departments of a hotel and the employees so that the guest who is visiting the hotel and paying for their services feel welcomed and have fun in their stay(James, 2017). The employee in the hotel has to be friendly and welcoming so that the guest can revisit the hotel in the future. Staff employed at the hotel should perform their duties to their level best and offer high-quality standards (James, 2017). The reason behind this is, one is dealing with people or in the scenario of conference and conventions, serving anymanagement level. The people served are the same ordinary people who must have a strong feeling of customer service satisfaction and who will want to return to the same place in the future if the need arises. From the training experience at PULLMAN HYDE PARK SYDNEY, I realized that now everyone can work in hotel management. The people who work there pose specific skills. No matter the place that one works in hospitality, one must poses people skills to a level where they are confident in their role and are perceived by guests as friendly. One has to be diverse in their thinking and must have a versatile approach. One should be able to think very fast; this is because there are moments when the problematic situation arises and has to be dealt with promptly and swiftly. One has to empathize with the customer and resolve any query raised by the customer as fast as possible. In my experience as a trainee, I was placed in a different department so as learn new things from all the units before my program come to an end. First, each department has various challenges. During my time at business development department, the pressure of growing the organization was so intense due to stiff competition from competitors. The problem was to increase business market share segment; this can only be achieved through increasing the customer trust due to satisfactory services (Gourmet Marketing, 2017).Secondly, language barrier with people of different ethnicity. The hotel received the international guest; I was expected to know different languages (, 2017).I was only aware of my mother tongue and English. This posed a significant challenge, and more often I had to ask for help. Thirdly, handling customers who are stubborn was another challenge. Some customers were too difficult to manage, and there are moments when they were rude, but I had to be calm and help them out. Fourthly, during times when there are overbooking in the hotel, it was a challenge to deal with a large number of people. Handling different call from accommodation guest to deliver food to their rooms, there are moments when I was confused. There was the moment when I was required to work long hours than stipulated time. This posed a significant challenge to me due to inadequate means of transportation and security issues on getting at home. Lastly, some customers made prank calls to book rooms and venue for conference. Before they detected to be frauds, the hotel will have lost the chance to offer the apartment to willing consumers. I was challenged in differentiating the fraudsters from the right customers. The hotel management should consider having the following changes in regards to its housekeeping duties: Staff duty roster should be prepared and supervision of staff disciple and the way they conduct themselves. The hotel should train new employees on the responsibilities and quality of work expected from them by the company. I realized there is a need for employee motivation and counsel since they go through a different harsh situation and harsh treatments sometimes from customers. The hotel should maintain and establish standard operating procedures for cleaning and develop a new process to increase the efficiency of labor and products use. The housekeeping should redo the dcor of the hotel. They should create a more pleasant and classy ambiance since this is a significant concern for guest. The trainee should be trained on the privacy; any guest irrespective of the class would like privacy to be maintained during their stay at the hotel. The trainee should be trained to ensure th e privacy of the guest; they should be taught on the procedure of entering the room. References Anon, (2017). [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Nov. 2017]. Anon, (2017). [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Nov. 2017]. Gourmet Marketing. (2017). Top 6 Problems Hotel Managers Face | Gourmet Marketing. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Nov. 2017]. (2017). Hotel Human Resources Five Greatest Challenges - and what to do about them, by Joyce Gioia. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Nov. 2017]. James, A. (2017). What is Hospitality Management and What Does it Involve. [online] HMM Available at: [Accessed 18 Nov. 2017]. Topics, Sample Papers Articles Online for Free. (2017). Role of housekeeping department in hospitality. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Nov. 2017].

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A Custom Definition Essay Example About Respect Writing Assistance

A Custom Definition Essay Example About Respect Writing Assistance WHAT WE HAVENT HEARD ABOUT RESPECT BEFORE One of the most important ways of establishing and maintaining lasting relationships both at home and at work is having respect for oneself and others. The term respect refers the recognition of the values of people and things and treating them with care and concern. It means having a deep admiration for someone or something. This admiration stems from the accomplishments, abilities and the qualities of a person. Additionally, respect encapsulates the way one thinks about someone or something. For instance, an employer can be said to have respect for his employees if he admires their abilities and accomplishments in the workplace and treats them well. Respect determines the way in which a person lives as well as the interaction with other members of the society. Respect for oneself, for instance, restrains a person from engaging in risk-taking behaviors that can cause the destruction of both the body and mind. Moreover, having respect for each other at home, in the workplace and in the society at large help in reducing conflicts, disagreements and misunderstandings thus contributing to peaceful coexistence and a harmonious society. One can also demonstrate respect for things because of the inherent values they have. The fundamentals of respect, consequently, remain constant whether a person or an item is in question. Respect plays a central role in building and maintaining healthy and lasting relationships. First, respect helps in establishing open communication between the parties in relationships. In families, for instance, having respect helps the members to be trustworthy, honest and straight forward. This way they are capable of abiding by the family rules and living peacefully. Additionally, open communication emanating from respect is useful in the workplaces. Respect enables the employers and employees alike, to communicate with each other in a professional and honest manner. This way, people feel free to convey their opinions and ideas in without being interrupted. Secondly, respect is significant in building trust in relationships. The flourishing of relationships, whether family, business, intimate or working relationships depends on trust. Respect for oneself and others can help in building trust. Â  An employee who fulfills the responsibilities and delivers in time because of the respect for his job and employers, for example, is capable of gaining the trust of the employees. Consequently, the employee has higher chances of being promoted. Additionally, having respect in relationships results in trust between couples making them have better and healthier relationships. Moreover, respect is important in relationships since it is the key to happiness. Having respect for others enables a person to become more tolerant and embrace people’s differences. Additionally, respecting the views and beliefs of others limits conflicts and confrontations among the people. The result is the peaceful coexistence between people that gives them inner peace, contentment, and happiness. Furthermore, having respect for other people boosts their esteem since they feel appreciated. One of the ways of becoming more respectful to others is honesty. Honesty comprises vital traits like truthfulness, straightforwardness, and integrity. It is important to realize that people would like to be dealt with honestly. Therefore, showing respect for others entails being honest in words and actions. Additionally, one should be responsible for their words and make people know that they are reliable. An additional approach of displaying respect to others is by exhibiting kindness. When dealing with family, friends or colleagues, showing kindness makes them feel appreciated and loved. One of the ways of showing kindness to others is watching one’s tone when addressing others. It is important to note that no one wants to be ordered around and using the golden words such as please and thank you can aid in showing respect. Obedience is another way through which one can show respect to others. If asked by an elderly person or a person in authority to do something which is not harmful or immoral, one should obey and follow the instructions. Other ways of being more respectful are; taking care of one’s mess, exercising fairness, courtesy, avoiding putting blames on others and listening to others without interrupting. Personally, I think respect means accepting people for who they are and learning to live with them harmoniously despite our differences. It involves embracing other people’s strengths and weaknesses without prejudice. By learning to accept other people, we reduce our engagements in conflicts and other disrespectful behaviors such as name calling and hauling insults at each other. The end result is a cohesive and harmonious society.